Logic takes you from a to b. Imagination takes you everywhere. Albert Einstein

Orange Identity (Oi) is a creative communications agency that provides expertise in design, communications and events.

With team members on both sides of the Pacific, we work together to provide our clients with access to the latest technologies and most strategic minds out there. From Down Under to Stateside, Oi delivers solutions to ensure you stay on top.

If you want an agency that is committed, a little different (in a good way) and determined to make noise for your brand, product, or cause then let us simply say “Oi”.

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Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation.

With its enthusiasm for life, Orange relates to adventure and risk taking – inspiring confidence, competition and independence.

For all these reasons and more, we fell in love with Orange and promise our clients to deliver on these principles.

It is our Identity.

At Orange Identity we ensure every client brief is met with a well-researched, well-thought and well-executed solution. We’re about creating unified experiences with the right tone and style to ensure that your brand is recognized. Our experience ranges from banking and financial management firms to healthy living, film production, sports media and a diverse cross-section in between. If you would like know more about our clients, or to view our portfolio, please contact us directly.

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Teammember Pia Dorer
Pia Dorer
Managing Partner
She’s known for her “Woo.” It stands for Winning Over Others! And that’s exactly what she does. With a Bachelor of Communications and postgraduate studies in marketing, design, film and just about all things creative, Pia brings her knowledge in-house to make our clients look good…really good.

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Teammember Cassie Anderson
Cassie Anderson
Managing Partner
She’s youthful and she’s driven. After graduating with a Bachelor of Communications, Cassie entered the working world eager and inspired. She scored an internship with international award-winning advertising house, M&C Saatchi and later accepted the offer of full-time employment.

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Teammember Ashley Radosevic
Ashley Radosevic
Director (USA)
She runs complex initiatives and events seamlessly. Ashley has seven years of Public Affairs agency experience managing successful strategic communication programs for clients spanning real estate, energy, mining, education, and non-profit sectors.She has a proven track record in winning nearly 90% of the campaigns she’s managed…

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Teammember Kelly Daugherty
Kelly Daugherty
New Business/Media Director
She’s known for a laugh you can hear across the room. Kelly Daugherty is a highly skilled marketing strategist that came to Santa Barbara in 2002 with a love for the beach and a soccer scholarship to UC Santa Barbara…

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Teammember Marcela Miller
Marcela Miller
Social Media Manager
She has a way of connecting people. Yielding a Bachelor of Business Marketing and more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Marcela brings a fresh perspective on social messaging, advertising and what drives cross-generational audiences to take action…

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Teammember Melissa Wilson
Melissa Wilson
Copy Manager
She has a way with words… Melissa Wilson is a public relations and communications professional with broad experience in issues and campaign management in the publishing industry. A Major in English from Sydney University followed by a diploma in Editing and Publishing…

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